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As one of only of a handful of Beretta Premium Dealers in the UK we offer the full range of premium guns on the VIP Experience. From the clay line to the Grouse moor, Beretta Premium guns combine timeless design with elegance and substance.


687 EELL Classic

Owing its sporting pedigree to the 687 EELL, this premium version is in every sense of the word a classic. Unbeatable durability and build quality combined with profusely engraved side plates and class 4 walnut make this the sportsman’s favourite. Available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge variants.


The pinnacle of Berettas box lock field guns, the Jubilee outclasses and out performs other guns in its class at every level. Largely hand finished, the gun has exquisite pin less side plates, polished internals, grade 4 walnut and gold embellishments complete this elegant shotgun.

S0 Series

Produced entirely by hand and in the form of a true side lock, the S0 range of field guns portrays 500 years of gun making passion and heritage. The action and barrels are made from the highest quality steel with every attention to detail. Choose from the finest walnut (class4/5) and add the personal touch by selecting your own engraving.


DT11 L

Following its introduction in 2012, the DT11 has firmly cemented its place as the worlds leading competition clay target shotgun. For the discerning all rounder, the DT11 L series was born. With the exacting standards now required by international competition shooters, now comes a touch of beauty. Choose from hand finished deep cut scroll work or finely executed game scene engraving, the DT11 L is pure, pedigree, performance.


A gun that simply belies its price tag.
The DT11 EELL (extra extra lusso lusso) brings new levels to high end competition shotguns. Profusely engraved side plates and class 4 walnut combined with Steelium Pro barrels, detachable trigger unit and Optima HP chokes make for the ultimate in aesthetics and comfort.


This gun needs no introduction. With a plethora of Olympic medals to its name it is without doubt the most successful competition gun of the 20th century. Handmade from the finest raw materials it hides its world beating pedigree behind its highly polished lock plates with minimal border scrollwork. A real ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ of competition shotguns.

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